How to book Safari after Corona Virus (COVID-19)?


We know that Corona pandemic (COVID-19) will pass, we just want to know what happens if we commit to a Safari to a tour operator in Africa, will they cancel if we are not able to come? we want to do Safari immediately after the pandemic – Corona Virus – (COVID-19)

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  1. For those making travel plans for this year one next year, I am very much sure that all reliable/reputable tour operators are committed to being flexible regarding amendments / postponement or cancellations where necessary , and they  will continue to update customers as the situation changes.

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  2. As a result of  travel restrictions placed on both outward and inward travel at present by the governments of many countries throughout the world as a result of the Pandemic, Tour operators have introduced flexible booking terms so that once you have booked you can amend your travel dates to be postponed until later with no penalty so long as the pandemic continues and if the situation warrants this because of disruptions to travel.

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