How to get around Swakopmund?


How to get around Swakopmund?

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  1. Most of central Swakopmund is extremely walkable and won’t require a vehicle for day-to-day activities. Should you choose to drive however, you won’t have much trouble — traffic is light, parking is aplenty and the road system is fairly robust. There is a Budget car rental agency at the Walvis Bay airport and an Avis desk (by appointment) at the Swakopmund Hotel. At this writing, the coffee shop in Walvis Bay also operated a shuttle service around the region, though the terminal was under construction so the service may be moved after completion.
    Within the city, it’s possible to grab a taxi at the busier intersections with relative ease. Taxis here don’t necessarily have a yellow lamp on their roof, but they always have the operator’s name written on the fender, so keep an eye out for the stencil lettering and flag one down like you would in New York City. Note that passengers often share cabs in Swakopmund, so don’t be surprised if there’s another person or two in the car when it stops.
    Most trips within the city should cost 20-30 Namibian dollars per person. It’s not necessary to haggle prior to departure, just verify the rate when you get the cab; there are no metered fares.
    Longer trips are often arranged through tour operators or your hotel’s booking agent. Most adventures from the city will send a shuttle to pick up passengers in the morning. If you’re out and about at 7:30 in the morning you’ll see vehicles zipping around like ants collecting bread crumbs. Should you need to book a driver for the day, check with your hotel for a trusted source.

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