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  1. By car or bus: There is a paved road entering Kasane from the east and south from Nata, which connects to paved roads from Zimbabwe (notably Victoria Falls), and within Botswana from Francistown, Maun, and Gaborone. Some safari-goers may emerge from the Chobe National Park to the west. Mahube express buses has buses from Kasane going to Francistown two times a day 13.30 am and 15.30 pm.
    By ferry: Nearby Kazungula has a ferry leading to Zambia. There are often very long waits for the ferry due to the large truck(lorry) traffic waiting for the ferry. One semi-tractor-trailer fits on the ferry. Pedestrians can pay a small boat to carry them across the river or they can jump on the ferry. Your hotel can arrange transport from Kasane to the ferry. On the Zambian side, shared taxis charge five dollars or thirty-five kwatcha to take you to Livingstone. They leave when full.
    By air: Kasane International Airport (BBK) has a few scheduled flights, e.g. Air Botswana service to Gaborone and South African Airlines to Johannesburg. Many of the charter operators from Maun will also accept charters to or from Kasane. While the distance from the airport to the town looks walkable, elephants roam the land, so ensure you have your transport arranged from the airport.

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