How to Get to Dar Es Salaam?


How to Get to Dar Es Salaam?

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  1. How to Get to Dar Es Salaam


    The Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR), Tanzania’s main airport, is located about 6 miles west of the city.


    There are two train options through Dar es Salaam, including Tanzania Railways Limited, with connections to Dodoma and more. TAZARA Railway runs a scenic route through the Selous Game Reserve and on to Zambia.


    Highways connect Dar es Salaam to most major centers in the region and nationally, including the A-7 to Morogoro. The Tanzania Highway runs from Zambia to Dar es Salaam along the the Cairo-Cape Town Highway.


    Kilimanjaro Express and Dar Express are two of the largest bus companies with service to Dar es Salaam, offering connections to Arusha and beyond.

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