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  1. You can get to Kisumu County through different means. They include:

    1.      By Plane

    Kisumu International Airport is served by hourly flights from Nairobi. Kenya Airways has 5 daily flights from the capital to this great City. The flights last under 45 minutes and take you over lakes Nakuru and Naivasha.
    Alternatively, you can book Jambo Jet which is a low-cost airline that flies from Nairobi to Kisumu on a daily basis. This firm charges fare that run for as low as $29.50. There is a third alternative, the Fly540 which is also quite affordable.
    The Kisumu International Airport is approximately 3.5km from the town. A few minibuses and taxis do the connection between the city and the airport. A taxi charges about $0.50 while a minibus charges about $0.05. Some hotels as well as car rental firm also can arrange for your pickup from the airport to your preferred hotel.

    2.     By Boat and Train

    There are no boats or trains linking Kisumu to over towns.

    3.     By Bus and Minivan

    If you wish to experience the hustle of traveling in the public mean of transport, there are a few alternatives that you can choose from.
    ·        Easy Coach – These buses depart from Bank Road and United Mall. Their ticket office is located here. This firm has seven trips per day from and to Nairobi and the ticket goes for about $1.40 and takes 8 hours. The firm also has 2 buses per day that travel from Kisumu to Kampala and Jinja which take about 5 hours and a ticket goes for $1.50. The first depart at 1330hrs while the other departs at 2230hrs.
    ·        Modern Coast Express – This firm makes six trips a day from Nairobi to Kisumu. Their ticket goes for about $1.00. The firm also has 3 buses that go to Kampala on a daily basis. They charge about $1.60.
    ·        Prestige Shuttle – This Company has 11-seater vans that run from Nairobi to Nakuru to Kisumu from 0700hrs to 1700hrs. Their fare goes for about $1.00 and the trip takes about 6 hours.

    4.     By Car

    Alternatively, you can hire a car and drive yourself from Nairobi to Kisumu. Ensure that you get an international driving license from the Road Transport Office in Nairobi. I would recommend you to travel during the day because the roads are often unsafe during the night. You will also encounter a few police stops.
    From Nairobi, the distance is roughly 380km. Take Chiromo Road, towards Gitaru, then get to A104 (Waiyaki Way) past Nakuru. About 30km from Nakuru, get to B1 towards Kisumu. The trip will take you about 5 hrs – that is, if you don’t make a stop to observe Lake Naivasha and Nakuru, which I recommend you do.

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