How to get to Marakele National Park?


How to get to Marakele National Park?

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  1. The only gate to the public sector of Marakele National Park is located about 280km/175mi north of Johannesburg. This is a place that you would most likely drive to on your own. After a major rehabilitation project of the road network in the park in 2016, most of the roads are now passable in a 2WD car.
    Your point of entry into South Africa will most likely be O.R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) in Johannesburg, where you can rent a 4WD and drive on to Marakele.
    If driving to the upmarket Marataba Lodge in the concession area, it is about 30km/18mi further from Johannesburg than the main gate. It is also possible to organize a chartered flight to the Marakele airstrip. Charter flights are generally arranged by your tour operator as an inclusion to your safari package.

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