How to get to Meru National Park?


How to get to Meru National Park?

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  1. Meru National Park is located 355km/220mi northeast of Nairobi and 60km/37mi east from Meru town. Many people visit Meru by 4×4 on an organized safari while visiting several other parks. However, there are daily scheduled flights from Nairobi to one of two airstrips inside the park. It is also possible to organize a private charter from any other park, or Nanyuki. The distance from Samburu NP is about 150km/93mi and the driving time is about 2½ hours.

    Transport links to Nairobi are very good as this is East Africa’s main transport hub. International flights arrive in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO), 15km/9mi southeast of Nairobi.

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