How to get to Skeleton Coast Park?


How to get to Skeleton Coast Park?

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  1. When entering from the south, the Skeleton Coast NP is located 200km/124mi from the town of Swakopmund and 485km/300mi from Windhoek.
    Most people who want a taste of the Skeleton Coast drive up as close as Cape Cross seal colony, which is about 100km/62mi south of the park entrance.
    Self-drive visitors, and most organized tours, start their journey via 4×4 in Windhoek. Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH), your point of entry, is located just 40km/25mi east of Windhoek. An alternative is to arrange a trip which reaches different destinations via chartered flight.
    It is also possible to drive to the Skeleton Coast from Etosha in the north of the country. The distance is about 620km/385mi and the driving time about eight hours.

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