How to get to Tsau Khaeb Park?


How to get to Tsau Khaeb Park?

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    Tsau //Khaeb (formerly Sperrgebiet NP) is located a few kilometers/miles from Lüderitz town. There is no accommodation in the park and visitors usually stay in Lüderitz, located about 680km/423mi from Windhoek.

    The road from Windhoek to Lüderitz is accessible by normal 2WD car, but to visit most places in the park you need to book a trip with a local tour operator and special permits are required. Agate beach, on the edge of the park, and Kolmanskop can be visited independently by self-drive visitors using a 4×4 vehicle.

    All tours (self-drive and organized safaris) normally start in Windhoek by way of 4×4 vehicles. The main point of entry into Namibia is Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH) located 40km/25mi east of Windhoek.

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