How to go around Arusha town?


How to go around Arusha town?

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    Two types of transports are used in this city which includes land transport and air transport. These modes of transport save both residents and people visit Arusha for tourism purposes.

    Land Transport in Arusha:

    Arusha city has a good infrastructure that facilitates road transport and this makes it possible to access different parts of the city and Tanzania as well. From Arusha to the capital city of Tanzania (Dodoma) is a tarmac road where travellers enjoy their voyage comfortably, also from Arusha to National Parks like Lake Manyara, Tarangire and Ngorongoro, Roads are all tar-maced and the accessibility is  marvelous and enjoyable.

    Air Transport in Arusha:

    The regional airport  that is found at Kisongo serves people to travel from one place to another in TANZANIA. Also, tourists use charter flights and other flights especially domestic flights such as the Air Excel, Regional Air, Auric air, and flight link from Arusha to airports found in National Parks like that found at Manyara and Serengeti.

    One of the other part, Arusha serves Kilimanjaro International airport that is found almost a half of the distance to Moshi City where Arusha airport used as the spoke to KIA that is the Hub to International flights.

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