How to go around Maiko National Park?


How to go around Maiko National Park in Congo?

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  1. Accessibility of Maiko National park in democratic republic of congo is among the hardest thing and the park is hard to be visited as compared to Virunga National Park, Upemba national park & Kahuzi Biega National Park.
    See the various routs and ways of getting around Maiko National Park while on Congo Safari tour, Routes, that lead to Maiko National park,whereby you can either start your journey from Goma or Benin or Butembo, or from Okapi wildlife reserve as they are allocated in Congo
    There is just one 4×4 “road” leading from Bafwasende to some small villages within the park. There are some off-piste 4×4 tracks for only the most die-hard overlanders in properly-equipped vehicles can tackle.

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