How to go to Lekhubu from Letlhakane?


Is it possible for a non-experienced 4 wheel driver to do the trip from Letlhakane to Lekhubu on his own? Travel period would be mid April.Or this there any other possibility to get to the Baobabs? I don’t want to do this 5 day Quad excursion which seems to me a bit stupid.

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  1. The easiest way to Lekhubu is from Letlhakane via Mmmatshumo, a novice 4×4 driver can easily do it. The quad bike trip would be nice = but you don’t have to do it.

    If I was you I would come in at Mohembo border post – but stay a couple of nights a ngepi just before the border or Shakawe just after the border.

    Do Maun – then head here to Letlhakane – go past us to Moriti Wa Salemo, they are on the edge of the pans and offer good advice on driving onto the pans. On your way back stop at Khumaga – it is worth it.

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