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Hi, I am really hoping to do a Safari for 2021. Where should I start ? What are the most important elements to decide ? Where is the best area to see the widest range of animals, and what is the best time of year for this ? How do I get there . From what I’ve read, lots of people do two different areas. Is this really the best ? I have see three reserves that have interested me, Mala Mala, Londolozi, and Mashatu.

I will be a single traveler, would like to spend 6 to 8 full days , and am a big traveler, though not in Africa. I’m 67, and like a certain comfort, so not camping or hiking. Thank you for any tips information, and help in deciding where and when. Where to find the best safari agencies.

Thanks all.

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    You mention spending 6 – 8 full days on safari . If you are only doing 6 or 7 nights then I would recommend that you only split your stay between 2 lodges and not 3. 8 or 9 nights would allow for more time, and then a combination of 3 lodges would be great.

    Your budget is going to play an important role in our recommendations to you. If you are at also including a safari experience from outside South Africa and you only have about 9 nights then Botswana is definitely your best option to combine with South Africa. The Mashatu-MM option is attractive as it allows for easy same-day travel between the 2 destinations. There are however other amazing destinations in Botswana such as the magnificent Okavango Delta.

    A combination of a lodge like Londolozi and a lodge in the Okavango Delta is in my opinion one of the best Southern African safari combinations possible. This would however mean an overnight stop in JNB between the 2 destinations as you cannot get from the Kruger to the Delta in 1 day without missing your morning game drive in the Kruger region.

    Many excellent options to consider and our advice is going to depend on your budget and the length of your trip/safari.

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