How to stay safe in Tarangire and Manyara?


How to stay safe in Tarangire National park and Lake Manyara National Park?

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  1. Safety in the Lake Manyara and Tarangire:

    You’re perfectly safe while on safari, but there are some common sense rules you should follow to ensure you have the best possible safari experience.
    Don’t feed the animals. Feeding the animals can not only introduce them to unhealthy foods, but it can also lead animals to approach tourist vehicles as a source of food. All food scraps should be kept in the car.
    Keep your arms and head inside the car. While it’s perfectly fine to have your windows open to snap photos and to stand with to look out of the pop-top roof, never have your arms sticking out of the car.
    Never walk unaccompanied. You’ll rarely leave your vehicle during your safari, but if you do need to make use of the ‘bush toilet’, follow your guide’s instructions and don’t wander off. When walking around your camp or lodge at night, be sure to stay within the boundaries you learned in your briefing and don’t walk alone after dark.
    For those traveling with children, it is especially important to stay with your child at all times. Many larger predators can confuse children with small primates that they view as prey animals. Never let a child wander unattended in a national park.
    Don’t shout. Animals have keener hearing than people. Shouting or talking loudly at animals will only agitate them and drive them away. It’s also disrespectful to other people on safari in the area.
    Drones are forbidden in Tanzanian parks. You won’t be permitted to launch a drone while on the Serengeti. If you do, it will be confiscated.

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