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My wife and I have 3 dead days in Arusha before we go to South Serengeti. We’d like to do something on one of those days. is it worthwhile to do Tarangire? or Arusha National Park? or Lake Manyara National Park? Anything else? Will i see things at any of these locations that i will not see in the Southern Serengeti?

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    You say you have ONE day available for this. If this means from morning to evening, then I wouldn’t bother with Tarangire.

    Too much driving for one day visit – you’ll spend at least 5 hours on the road, outside the park. I would rather spend that day in Arusha NP, which is only half an hour away from Arusha and offers versatile activities. And you will have to be very unlucky not to come across any elephants in Serengeti.

    But if you can spend at least one night in or near Tarangire, then this is a game changer – go for Tarangire without doubt, it’s one of the best parks in East Africa.

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