Hypothermia During Kilimanjaro Climb


How Serious is Hypothermia in Kilimanjaro?

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    At nighttime, the temperatures on Mount Kilimanjaro frequently drop below 0 degrees Celsius. When you are  not adequately protected and exposed to such low temperatures for a prolonged duration of time, your body temperature will drop and you may develop hypothermia. If you do not react fast with hypothermia, your bodily functions will shut down and you may die.

    As a tourist, you will be a highly unlikely candidate for hypothermia. You will definitely have a good supply of clothes to wear.

    In case your clothes get wet for whatever reason, you can quickly change. You need to carry high-tech gear and clothing that is designed for the icy and extremely windy Mount Kilimanjaro environment.

    It is mostly the porters who are at risk of developing hypothermia. Faced with heavy carry loads for their clients, they do not see sense in carrying extra luggage for themselves.

    This means that they will not have any spare change of dry clothes. When they get wet, they are prone to developing hypothermia.

    They are also at risk when they have an accident and get left behind, or fall asleep in the afternoon and can’t find their way back to camp in the dark or fog.

    In order to make sure such ill fate doesn’t happen to your porters, it is best to book with a tour operator who commits to responsible practices and values fair porter treatment.

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