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Hi! I am planning a tour to Tanzania early next and would like to book early for good discount,  I want to know what are the best International flights to book to Tanzania?

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  1. Main points of entry are Kilimanjaro (international airport serving Arusha), Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar. If flying into Nairobi, road and air transfers to Arusha are also possible. Please ask us for more info on the best international flights for your itinerary from your tour operator!

    Most of our passengers arrive on KLM (to Kilimanjaro or Dar Es Salaam, via Amsterdam, from many points in Europe or from the United States), Ethiopian Airlines (to Kilimanjaro or Zanzibar, via Addis Abbaba, from certain point in Europe, mainly Frankfurt), British Airways (to Dar Es Salaam from many points in Europe via London Heathrow), Oman Air (on their new service to Zanzibar via Muscat), Emirates (to Dar Es Salaam via Dubai) and Swiss Air (to Dar Es Salaam via Zurich, from many points in Europe)!

    There are many combinations and options available, and you may wish to check with online booking services or with your travel agent. Note that: if booking flights online for a Kenya-Tanzania combination safari, be sure to choose the “multi-city” option, so you can check prices of flights into one airport, and out of another.

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