Is a toilet tent worth it on Rongai?


Hi, we are doing the 6d 5n climb to Rongai and wondering if a toilet tent is worth the additional cost, especially when in our group 4 want one and 3 dont so it would only be down to 4 of us to pay the extra cost.

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    I won’t comment on whether one is needed but will comment on the lack of cooperation in your group which does not bode well for the enjoyment of your whole trip.Are you going to hold a vote on every decision? That is a recipe for disaster and disharmony.The ‘leader’ should decide all these things and all 7 should agree to abide by them or leave the group.

    It’s possible to travel with strangers and simply deal with the possible unpleasant consequences — but climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is dangerous. Friction in the group can lead to more than simply “unpleasant” consequences. It can lead to truly dangerous ones.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t do it. I’d save my money and wait until I could afford to go with people I know well and trust completely. If you’re young enough to be prepared to climb that mountain, I’m guessing you’re young enough to wait a few years while you save enough money to do it right. Immediate gratification can be fun — but it can also lead to profound disappointment — and worse.

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