Is Botswana good for families?


I want to visit Botswana with my family, including of young Children,  Is Botswana good for families?

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  1. Often known for being expensive, not everyone realises just how accessible Botswana is for families.

    Botswana can be a fantastic safari destination, offering the landscapes and wildlife one hopes for during an African safari. A safari here can be educational, inspiring and just amazing fun for all the family; however there are things to consider…

    Botswana is a truly wild destination, so many camps are unfenced. Children need to be of an age where they can be trusted not to run around outside alone, or at night.
    Our recommended age for children on safari in Botswana is 12, however there are lodges that specifically cater for families under this age – these lodges can provide you with a private vehicle, usually at extra cost.

    We are happy to advise you on what could be best for your family, as we know every single family is unique. If your children are too young for Botswana, perhaps consider somewhere like Kenya or Tanzania for your family safari.
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