Is Hurghada a big tourist area


Thinking of an organised tour to Egypt next year (if allowed) The tour ends in Hurghada. Is this a commercialised tourist area? Being near the sea, it might be a welcome rest before returning to Australia. Advise please?

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  1. Hurghada isn’t a party town on the lines of say Ibiza but, in normal, Covid-free times, it’s full of sun seeking families and tourists. If you’re only visiting Egypt for a couple of weeks and not desperate for some beach time, I don’t see any reason to go there.

    If you want to spend a few extra days at the end of your tour to relax I would suggest spending them in either Luxor or Aswan.

    Most tours tend to be a bit on the rushed side and you may just want to revisit some sites and see them at your own pace. Kick back by the pool at your hotel or maybe explore some less visited areas that the ordinary tourist do not go to.

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