Is it safe to travel Tanzania & Iran during covid 19?


Hi everyone.

I just travelled to Iran & Tanzania 3 years ago and both countries were amazing. Now I want to travel there again and I just wanted to know is it safe to travel now or i should wait until the corona virus ends?

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  1. Hi Molly!
    I can talk of Tanzania and not Iran because I live in Tanzania, the life in Tanzania is normal, and tourism is opening, there are regulary flights coming over, and we see many tourist coming!
    One thing I will advice is that, you do not have to book in advance, you can come over, stay for a day and book whatever safari you want, why? there a lot of availability!
    If you are up to a group Safari, then this is definetly not the time to come over, it is very difficult to get a group safari!
    Welcome to Tanzania!

  2. Hello!

    After our own research, we have come to the conclusion that it is safe and pleasant to travel in Tanzania, provided you stay outside the busy areas. The imposed measures are adhered to and there do not appear to be any significant numbers of sick people outside the major cities.
    Awkwardly, the Tanzanian government have been secretive about this, but In the meantime, this seems to be more open with the arrival of the new president Samia Suluhu. Dar es Salaam, as a busy city, we certainly do not recommend to visit now, just like other places where many people come together. You travel with  in your own company and stay in small-scale lodges, which are very careful with the required social distancing, hygiene and the use of mouth masks.
    Tourists are not prevented from leaving or entering the country at Schiphol and in Tanzania. It is no different in Tanzania than in the many European countries/America, perhaps even better because of the size and uninhabited parts of the country.

    Fell free to ask if any other Questions!


    Welcome to Tanzania!

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  3. Though there are some hesitation from some of the people that doesnt live in Arusha, but I can confidently say that Tanzania is Safe for now!


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