Is it safe to travel to Egypt?


Planning a trip to Egypt this year; Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

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  1. While its security situation is frequently exaggerated by many media, Egypt is generally a safe country to travel. Most areas are considered as relatively safe, except North Sinai Governorate being generally at a higher risk level.
    Checkpoints are erected across several regions to ensure the safety of tourists. As for muggings, robberies, and other casual crimes, Egypt is also quite safe. You can find it is safe to walk the streets at night when most Egyptians start social activities and cities come alive. Most restaurants and cafés are open late into the night. The majority of Egyptian people are courteous and friendly to tourists.
    Though traveling Egypt is quite safe, you cannot be too careful as for personal security. Planning your trip with a reputable tour operator can be a wise choice, as they know the updated security situations and thus customize your itinerary accordingly.

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