Is Mount Meru Climb Easy?


I am considering an October safari and I am wondering whether adding on a Mt Meru climb prior is achievable. Kili is not an option given how long it would take. On paper Meru sounds ideal-it offers a safari walk (at least initially) and a shorter trek.

However, while my partner and I are relatively fit, we are amateur trekkers and I see conflicting advice as to Meru’s difficulty. Can a fit novice summit?

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  1. Mt. Meru is a much shorter climb than Kili, that’s true. It normally takes 4 days/3 nights, but can be shortened into 3/2, if you are really fit and fast. However, don’t underestimate its challenges.

    Compared to Kili, you climb in a much shorter time to comparable heights, so you might have severe problems with altitude. I did have some altitude problems on Meru, but none on Kilimanjaro. But this was probably because I was already acclimatized on Kili from climbing Mt. Meru few days before.

    Also, don’t underestimate technical challenges on Mt. Meru. The final ascent is much more demanding than the one on Kilimanjaro. Particularly if it is covered in snow. There are some sections, where you need to use your hands during the climb, which is not the case on the Kilimanjaro summit climb.

    For me, Mt. Meru was much harder than Kilimanjaro. But doable without a problem, if you have some mountaineering experiences, and if you can handle high altitude relatively good.


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