Is Nyungwe forest worth visiting?


Is Nyungwe forest worth visiting?

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  1. The Nyungwe national rainforest is situated in the south-western part of Rwanda. The rainforest is one of the best preserved areas in the region of Central Africa. Towards the west of the rainforest is the Lake Kivu.

    It is situated in the watershed straddled between the river Nile to the east and the river Congo to the west. One of the sources of the river Nile is also located towards the eastern side of the rainforest. Spread over an area of around 970 km2, the Rwanda government established Nyungwe Forest National Park in 2004.

    The protected area consists of grasslands, bamboo, bogs, and swamps containing fauna and flora not found anywhere else in the world. There are various places for hiking and trekking in the rainforest. Mount Bigugu is probably the best place to hike that is located within the borders of the rainforest park.

    Moreover, the waterfall trail is another wonderful attraction that originates from the Gisakura side and takes around five hours to traverse. Other highlights of the rainforest include the Kamiranzovu Trail and Canopy Walkway that offer lots of excitement for those who dare to take on the challenge.

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