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I am trying to work out how to make the best use of our time at Victoria Falls and would very much appreciate your help. We have 3 days at the beginning of December and part of my planning is deciding whether we would be better placed in Victoria Falls or Livingstone as we can fly into either and I want to get our flights booked soon.

Sunday – land VFA 13.05 or LVI 12.45. Check-in at hotel. Helicopter and Night Safari with Bush dinner.

Monday – Devil’s Pool lunch and Ra-ikane Sunset cruise

Tuesday – Chobe day trip

Wednesday – Falls walking tour with/without guide. Flight leaves VFA 13.55, LVI 13.30.

So, if you could please advise on my itinerary and whether we would be better placed in Livingstone or Victoria please. Also, if you think I am missing anything or should do things in a different order.

Thank you so much.

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  1. The Zambian side is probably more accessible but you need to see both. I like Livingstone,but that might be because I always visit Zambia,and find it very laid back. There is a good selection of places to stay and some good restaurants. I have to admit I haven’t stayed on the Zimbabwe side for years mainly because of the political situation but if you look on this forum you will get the information you want. It looks like you have already done some research to formulate your itinerary but you will definitely need a whole day for both sides and you don’t really need a guide. Good luck and enjoy it.

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