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I am looking ahead to a (hopefully) virus-free 2021 Summer travel plan and would like advice on whether to consider Keekorok area in early July OR Aitong area in mid-August if the goal is to see the Wildebeest migration and hopefully a river crossing. Any thoughts? I have a window of a few days in both months and trying to make the best choice.

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  1. Both dates either July or August, your best bet is the Keekorok area.

    When you mention the Keekirok, I would believe you are looking at the area between Keekirok lodge and Sand river. The Keekirok is central to the Mara Reserve and easy movement in the Mara reserve.

    Aitong on the other hand is north and for access to the Mara river this is quite far. This area is out of the reserve and mostly conservancy zone. If you opt for the conservancies I would look for one closer to the Musiara area for easier access to the main crossing area of the Mara River. ..

    It would be better if you could indicate which conservancy in Aitong area you are looking to stay at for better advise.

    Thank you.

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