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I seem to be getting somewhere with my self drive safari planning but have a couple of new questions!

Looking at staying 3 nights in Chobe River Cottages or River View Lodge.

So on the first day we arrive and pickup the car I thought we could do the sunset cruise in the evening.

Day two and Day Three do self drive into Chobe National Park, will this be enough time to see the “top bit” of Chobe given we will then drive down to Thobolo’s Bush Lodge(2nights) and Khwai Guest House (1 night) then 3 nights in Thamalakane Lodge before heading up to Divundu (2nights) (need a stop over between Maun & Divundu) then across to Caprivi River Lodge (1 night) then Chobe River Camp (2n) and back into Kasane.

Thoughts? Being Aussies long distance driving doesn’t worry us but we want to enjoy the journey.

School holidays somewhat curtail any longer for the trip!

So any suggestions greatly appreciated after about 19 hours on the computer my mind is starting to confuse me again!

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  1. Two days is enough to see the northern end of Chobe for day visits but an additional day is fine to get organised. I would add another night in Khwai and do 1 less night in Thamalakane lodge. Maun is a gateway town to the delta & Moremi, 2 days to do a few local activities is adequate.

    Maun to Divundu is over 420 kms on a mediocre road, suggestions for a stop over depend on far you intend to drive ex Maun on the day. Half way, 3/4 quarters? Plus there are a number of choices between Maun & Divundu at various price points. I mentioned Drotsky’s to you in your first post & you listed Xaro lodge ($$$) so idea of ppn budget will help elicit appropriate suggestions. Some here. botswanatravelservice.com/okavango-panhandle…

    Another thought is that you will be seeing a lot of the Chobe river area from Botswana side (Kasane) & Namibia side. Add Chobe River Camp, only 46 kms from Kasane = 5 nights, likely a lot of boat cruises & Caprivi River Lodge is 64 kms from Chobe NP, however, your priorities may be river trips..

    Given your stated state of ongoing confusion, I personally I would consider using a local TO to assist with your itinerary.

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