Lake Manyara airstrip to Ngorongoro


I’m traveling alone to Tanzania, and do not want to go on safari/game drives this trip. But I DO want to spend 1-2 nights at a Ngorongoro Crater area lodge to take in some scenery and relax.

My lodge is charging $270 for transfers to or from the Lake Manyara airstrip, so $540 total. Is there a better way to hire a driver just for straightforward transfers?

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    It’s one idea to get the shuttle from Karatu, but how will you get to Karatu from the Manyara airstrip? …. If someone else is there when you land, there is a pretty good chance someone would give you a lift at least to the main road, and probably to Karatu, but there’s no guarantee.

    I’m guessing that you are looking at flying from Arusha to the Lake Manyara airstrip. I would suggest maybe instead you just get a bus to Karatu from Arusha and then just ask around for a safari vehicle that is going that way. I know I picked up a guy once in Karatu and gave him a lift to Seronera. There are always empty safari vehicles going that way.

    Or get a bus that goes to Mugumu and just tell them you are dropping off at the crater. The issue, then, will be knowing where exactly to be dropped off and making sure you get your park pass in hand for the right amount of time.

    Well, really I think the best is to get to Karatu early enough in the day and then find a safari vehicle going that way so the guide can drop you right at your hotel. Which hotel are you booking? Better to not book Sopa for example because that would be out of the way. Rhino Lodge would be a good one, right on the main road.

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