Lake Ndutu and Lake Natron on a self-drive


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I will be doing a self-drive safari in the Northern Circuit and was thinking of including either Lake Ndutu or Lake Natron in my itinerary.

Which lake would be more worth going to? And can anyone recommend an affordable camp at either lake?

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  1. The lakes are totally different but still the same. Salt lakes so no close approach to the water. don’t get stuck in the mud.

    Natron is lovely and remote with Ol donyo l’engai looming over you. Not much in the way of activities unless you climb that or just wade up a river to a waterfall.

    I dont know when you travel but Ndutu can be busy sometimes. Especially if 2M Wildebeest are calving. So expect some crowding and space may be at a premium (If you travel during the season time). but I bet you can squeeze in somewhere if you ask NCAA.

    I would go there for preference if you accept the other people.

    A word of warning. Lake Ndutu is not in NCA, you will need a Serengeti TANAPA permit before attempting to drive around. Nearby smelly Lake Masek is rougher terrain but entirely within NCA so a drive right around is possible with care. The only Lake with Hippo in that area if that appeals.

    Camping at Natron is usually at Ngero sero camp. Lots of sites near Ndutu, too many for my taste.

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