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Out of the blue, by husband told me to go ahead and book my dream trip of an African safari before he begins a 6 month overseas assignment. I am looking to go in early September this year. Am I crazy to begin planning such a trip on such short notice?

What are the expert tips on where to begin my search?

Looking for about 5-7 days tour days, not including travel to Tanzania. Looking for either a private tour (for the 2 of us) or small group (no more than 6 people), and staying in mid-range accommodations (looking forward to staying in some tents with washrooms).

I have begin looking online and there seems like endless tour operators, but seeing how important the tour operator will be to our experience, where should we begin?

Is  early September a good time to still see some of the great migration?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. A safari is much more than the great migration (you lose count when you have more than a million animals). Tanzania has many great parks, all filled with animals of all kinds. When the migration moves to the Masai Mara it leaves behind in the Serengeti more than migrate (the Mara cannot hold them all).

    Other parks in the Northern Circuit are Tarangire (great park filled with elephants at times), Ngorongoro Crater (where you can see animals at every turn of your head), and the Serengeti (large cats and animals of every kind in this very large park).

    To find an operator for your short stay there, look on the list of Top Questions about Tanzania, the 4th Q down from the top, and this will take you to a posting which lists many top operators, all personally known.

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  2. Alphadean tours and safaris

    The number of days 5-7 days are better in one particular country, maybe decide to visit two or three parks

    You can choose to do safaris either in private or group safaris, a group safari is cheaper though if you are looking to be economical.

    Just a heads-up the means of transportation is mainly a Landcruiser or a safari van with a pop-up roof depending o your preferences.

    Most camps have amenities such as shower bathrooms and such, midrange accommodations are very comfortable and offer state of the art amenities such as swimming pools, etc.

    There are various sources for tour operators you can use sites such as trip advisor, safari bookings just to mention but a few.

    September is excellent for wildlife viewing as for migration there’s still a bit of action.

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