Laundry Services During Safari in Tanzania


What laundry facilities are available on Tanzania Safari?

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    Most safari camps in Tanzania offer a laundry facility, but there are a few where given water restrictions and the location this is not possible. Please check with your tour operator to make sure.
    This service is included in the accommodation cost for most some safari camps. Hotels in the cities as well as some lodges charge a nominal fee for it.  Most underwear and delicates are not washed by the local people due to their traditions and so washing up powder is supplied in most of the rooms/tents for this purpose.
    In other Hotels & tented Camps they do charge for laundry and they are different at different hotels/lodges. and it can surely be very expensive, much better then taking a lot of clothing.
    I know that you don’t want them to do it at some hotels on weekends or holidays, the prices double and sometimes even triple on holidays. Check that out before you send your laundry.

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