Lion Sands River plus what?


We are family of 4 with older teens. We will be coming from almost 2 weeks in Hwange/Vic Falls with extended family next July. For the 4 of us, we are considering 3 days at Lion Sands River including 1 night in tree house.

Would staying 2 more nights in Sabi Sands at either Dulini River or Tengili make sense? If yes, which place? If no, what other areas of South Africa or unusual experiences would you recommend? We are relatively fit, keen nature enthusiasts who love photography.

Thank you to all who post here. I have learned a great deal!

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    I’m not a fan of 2 night stays but 5 nights is too long in one place. Maybe Rhino Walking Safaris for a very different experience and end at Lion Sands River? It really depends on what you are looking for and your travel/experience needs

    Any of the lodges you mention will be nice, add Mala Mala into the mix too. If you can add a night and stay 3 nights at 2 lodges, it will feel much less rushed.

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