Livingstone to Windhoek by bus


I want to travel from Livingstone to Windhoek by bus this October. Does anyone have info on this? Intercape stopped their routes to Zambia.

Is any other alternative available?

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  1.  There is a bus from Livingstone to Windhoek. It departs every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from Lusaka to Windhoek. It will arrive in Livingstone around 11:00am to pick you up but you are better off waiting earlier. The tickets (displayed price Livingstone – Windhoek = K680) you should get a few days earlier as the bus is quite full.
    There is no website, and calling to book is useless, you are better off booking and buying the ticket in person. They are friendlier in person too. (Nos. to call for checking: 0977576294, 0967616905, 0976848643).
    Livingstone to the border (Katima Mulilo) Oasis there are buses with no aircond because of the bad road conditions. After the border into Namibia, Katima Mulilo to Windhoek, you can change  into a different luxury coach with aircond and the roads condition in Namibia are superb.

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