Long Lay over in Dar es Salaam


Please assist; I will be landing in Dar es Salaam on the 2nd of Jan 2021 from Zanzibar at 17:25 we then have a long stop over off 22 hours and will be leaving to Johannesburg the next day 3rd Jan 2020 at 15:35, is there a hotel we can stay at during this time. Do we need a visa to leave the airport?

Please advise the best option as the airport is not very comfortable for such a long stop over.

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  1. Once you get your entry VISA in Zanzibar, the same apply to the main land otherwise if you coming from VISA free country then you don’t need VISA entering Tanzania.

    You arrive Dar es Salaam in the evening have an overnight at your hotel of choice; on the next Morning you can do a half day Dar es Salaam City Tour, after lunch drive to the Airport for your flight to Johannesburg.

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