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What can I expect from Safari Picnic Boxes?

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    Your private safari will allow the flexibility of how you choose to spend your time. A daily decision to be made is whether to have breakfast and lunch at the tented camp or lodge or a picnic box in the bush.
    While early morning game drives with the sunrise can be breathtaking (and highly encouraged), there will be likely occasions where you desire to stay in the bush and continue your adventure without returning to the lodging.
    Picnic boxes for breakfast and lunch are prepared on a daily basis at each respective accommodation according to your itinerary. The typical breakfast box may consists of combination of bread, pastries, juice, a banana, apple, hardboiled-egg, bacon or sausages.
    Your driver will also provide ‘French-press’ coffee to get your morning started. The typical lunch boxes consists of various items such as a piece of chicken, bread, sandwiches, banana, apple, juice, muffin and chocolate. If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know and we will plan accordingly.

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