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Hello all,

My girlfriend and I are wanting to backpack through some of the southern countries of Africa. We want to start in Zambia, go through Zimbabwe, and Botswana, and end in South Africa.

We were wondering many things.

  1. Whats the best way to travel by bus, train or plane?
  2. Should we apply for Visas prior to arriving or get them at our port of entry?
  3. If anyone has done this sort of backpack before and can provide any information that they think will be useful please share.



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  1. It would be useful to think about what you would like to do/see rather than just your start and end points. Also, how much time you have will be important, and what time of year.
    Many people make the mistake of being over ambitious and start planning to cover too much ground in too little time.
    Travel in Africa is time consuming and uncomfortable by bus or quick and expensive by air. It’s up to you to balance your time and budget accordingly. There are not many routes possible by train.
    I am wondering what you actually want to see in Zambia, for example? Lusaka itself doesn’t have a lot for tourists. If you want to visit South Luangwa, which is probably Zambia’s best national park, you would be better off starting your journey in Lilongwe.
    If you intend to head straight for Livingstone, then start your journey by flying into there. Unless of course you plan on using a particular air routing that makes it much cheaper to start in Lusaka.
    Thank you!

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