Lusaka to Kasama (and back)


I’ll be traveling by car from Lusaka to Kasama and back in a few months, and I know it is a very long drive. Are there any places to visit or stay the night that you would recommend between these cities?

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  1. In Kasama try Thorntree Guesthouse. Beautiful peaceful place. You can stay at Mapontela Gueasthouse in Serenje and visit nearby Kundalila Falls,stunning. Mutinondo Wilderness camp is between Serenje and Mpika.

    Near Mpika there is Mark Harvey at Kapishya Hot Springs and you can also visit the spot where Von Lettow Vorbeck heard that Germany had surrendered in 1918. Near Mkushi there is the Forest Inn. If you take the Samfya turn off near Serenje then you could visit Kasanka National Park.

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