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We are going to be staying at the governors camp next year for our honeymoon. I’ve seen on the website you can visit the Masai community as one of the experiences. Has anyone done this whilst over there? I’m wondering if it’s something you book whilst there or in advance and how much it costs so we can plan!


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    Africa is an amazing honeymoon destination! You are visiting one of my all-time favorite camps in Africa and in fact I was supposed to be at Little Governors for my 4th time this week, so I hope to get back as soon as things open back up again!

    You do not need to book the community experience in advance, as it can be booked on site. The visit is usually in lieu of a game drive and is interesting to see the way of life of a local community. However, if you are visiting other camps/areas in Kenya.

    I would encourage you to look at the villages the other camps support. As depending on the area, some communities might be smaller and have even less visitors.

    For example, there is a great community experience at Il Ngwesi Conservancy and a great add on for those that stay in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (great safari area), and it is less visited versus the villages near the Mara. So based on your itinerary, I do suggest checking out the other village visit options.

    If this is your first time to Africa or Kenya, a visit to a local village is something I would recommend. Do bring cash with you so that you can go home a few souvenirs from the village!

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