Masai Mara accommodation for river crossing


Where should i stay (area and lodge) in Masai Mara to maximize the chance of seeing river crossing in mid-September?

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    September is always a great time to be in Mara since it’s less crowded as compared to August and July. You also get to enjoy the migration in more relative peace.

    This year is and will be different. There will be less travel as compared to yester years. And I also get the felling the migration might be more spectacular due to less interference by travel. Getting a camp closer to the Mara river would be ideal.

    Previously I would have suggested a camp close to the Musiara area but judging from the previous two years, the intensity of the migration north of the Mara river has been quite low and the herds have had bigger crossings south towards the the Tanzania border. I would suggest the Entim Mara, or the Kichwa Tembo in the Kichwa Tembo or Mara Serena from the Triangle side.

    If on a lower budget I would go for the smaller camps IE the Mara Olapa or Malaika Camp. Best time to experience the crossing is usually early morning and try to locate a converging herd early morning.

    Currently the herds are in Western Serengeti heading north which means we should start seeing them in the Mara from late June.

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