Masai Mara vs Kruger


Hi Jonas!

Hoping to get some insight on Masai Mara vs. Kruger. I went to Kruger last year and absolutely fell in love with it so much that I’m considering going back. At the same time I want to visit other national parks in Africa.

I’m considering visiting Masai Mara instead of Kruger next year and was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on both and if Masai Mara would live up to my experience at Kruger.


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  1. It would most definitely live up to your experience in Kruger, and more than likely exceed expectations. The open grasslands of the Mara make animals much easier to see and if you can go during peak season when the wildebeest migration is in full swing, the sheer number of grazers and predators will stun you. Apart from Masai Mara, another option can be Tanzania – Serengeti, and all these will be great!

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