Meet Local People or Visit Local Villages


Are there any opportunities to meet real local people or visit real Tanzanian Village?

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  1. Admin Trip Insight

    There are many opportunities for cultural interaction! East Africa contains one of the most diverse tribal and cultural heritages in the world. You can choose to have at least two nights in additions to your Safari for local activities/Home stay!

    Kenya and Tanzania offer guests an unrivalled cultural experience from the Maasai, Kikuyu, Samburu and Turkana tribes in Kenya to Tanzania’s multicultural heritage with their Maasai herdsmen and approximately 120 tribal groups scattered throughout the country.

    Your guides, trackers, waiters and other employees in most of the East African safari camps we use are from the indigenous tribes. We are also able to arrange visits to authentic villages and settlements where you can observe and participate in celebrations, rituals and day to day tribal life – the options are endless.

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