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Planning to visit Northern Serengeti towards the end of September 2019.

Are odds better at that time in Masai Mara or Northern Serengeti to see wildebeest river crossing?

Would like to spend 3 nights at Kuria Hills towards the end of September.

Kuria Hills or Sayari?

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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  1. You may have better odds of multiple crossings in earlier September but keep in mind unpredictability of weather patterns and wildebeest whims. Lol. You are likely fine with either. Folks have even seen crossings of stragglers in Dec. I saw a small crossing (40 or so animals only) in mid-late July in the Mara. Prime time for the area is Aug-Sept so if crossing is your main interest I might shoot for earlier September.
    In any case you can get lucky, like we did, and sort of happen upon it or you can wait all day while the herd contemplates crossing only to never embark. In which case you are missing countless other wildlife experiences while you sit at river’s edge waiting. Many go at the correct time, post up for hours, and never witness a crossing. Others may witness multiple crossings. Just a reality check. Best of luck and happy planning!

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