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I’ll visit makumi NP on 22th November and i have some questions

  • 1/ will it be so hot at this time ?
  • 2/ I’ll spend a night at genises motel is it ok or so dirty?
  • 3/ how far is the motel from the park ?
  • 4/ how can I get to the park?
  • 5/what is the park fees ?
  • 6/ i planned to make one afternoon safari will it be enough or have I update the trip to be 2 nights safari to be able to make 2 games morning and afternoon ? Will i see more animals specially big cats ?
  • 7/ is there any option to make 2 games but with one night there ? How can I arrange it ?

Thanks ?

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  1. The road journey from Dar to Mikumi is about 5-6 hours,
    if you staying one night at Genesis hotel, I assume you are touring Mikumi NP same day you arrive in Mikumi, around 12pm midday,
    So next day, public transport buses leave early in the morning about 6am, back to Dar,
    Unless you are with a T.O. (tour operator), or private Taxi, or staying 2nd night, only then 2nd game is possible,
    Wildlife is described on Mikumi NP website and also on your previous post in July.

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