Moshi or Arusha before Kilimanjaro


I will be in Tanzania for a Mt. Kilimanjaro climb in July. I am arriving a day early and can spend it either in Arusha or in Moshi? Any suggestions as to where and how to make the most of the free day?

I am interested in experiencing the food and shopping for local hand made artisan goods. I know there is a Women’s arts and crafts co-op in Moshi?

Anyone have any suggestions as to where to stay and what to see in either city?


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  1. I would definitely vote for Moshi. It is a nice town to wander around, small enough that you wont get lost but with plenty of variety. There are lots of bars and restaurants, you can visit the market, shops or a school or if you go a short way out of town you can visit a coffee plantation or walk to a waterfall. it is a very safe town with friendly people. An added bonus is that you can, on a clear day, get very good views of Kilimanjaro.

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