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I am thinking of travelling from Norway to Tanzania to Climb Mt Kilimanjaro with my boyfriend in Mid July 2021. Firstly I am worried if it is wise, hopefully we will egg each other on and not squabble!

Is this a good time of year to climb? What route do we take? How many days do we need? o we need to book in advance for accommodation/guide or just arrive at the bottom?

How much training do we need tgo do beforehand (we are both mid twenties and fairly fit though we both have desk jobs!). So many questions! Any advice would be really appreciated!



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  1. Hi Ulf,

    Kilimanjaro  is fantastic but you will need to support each other rather than squabble! Sort that out before you go! You shouldn’t have any problems with general fitness, although a little training will help. Nobody can predict how altitude will affect you, except that it almost certainly will at some point. It’s at that stage when you need your partners support. I would suggest you go as part of a group – it’s good to have the moral support of a group of people, encouraging each other along.

    There is one factor about trips up Kili’ that they daren’t print in the brochures, but will affect most of us. In a group, or even as a couple, fitness levels vary and altitude affects us at different times. On the Marangu (easy) route, the first few days walking are a doddle – slow and steady – and there is no problem with different levels of fitness. But on the summit day, those differences show up and you can end up in a group (or with a partner) who is feeling much better, or worse, than you. It’s entirely possible that your group will have to turn around – and not make it to the summit – because of its weakest member.

    Nobody prepared me for that and I almost didn’t get there. As luck would have it, another group was passing when my group had to turn around, so I tagged along with them. Back then you weren’t allowed on Kili’ without a guide – hence the need to turn back. I’m fairly sure that hasn’t changed – if anything it may have got stricter. You and your partner need to talk about what to do if one of you becomes ill and has to go down – whether you’re in a group or on your own may differ.

    As for just ‘arriving’, if you’re going to do that I’d recommend Arusha, the biggest town and where the airport it. I’m sure you’ll find guides/groups there. There’s also Moshi which is nearer to the start of the Marangu route. I don’t think there’ll be a shortage of information.

    But I really would recommend the group thing – you’ll enjoy the camaraderie and it will smooth out any rough days between the two of you. And you’ll make friends for life too.

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