Mount Meru before Kilimanjaro


Hi, I need help or unbiased advice, my tour operator is advising me to Climb Mount Meru before Mount Kilimanjaro as a way to acclimatize and prepare for Kilimanjaro, I am not concerned about cost or time, I would love to do if it is necessary, what do you advice I should do? agree with them?

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  1. Yes, it is is, We call Mount Mery the little brother of Kilimanjaro! But it is not an easy Mountain also, If you ask me, I think Meru is more difficult than Kilimanjaro, but few days, other people think differently, but that is my opinion!

    The ascent of Mount Meru impresses with its idyllic landscape, fantastic views of Kilimanjaro and an often quiet atmosphere without much hustle and bustle. The mountain is also an excellent preparation for climbing Kilimanjaro.

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