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I want to arrange Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and keep the cost very low, can I arrange it on my own? and Climb it without a guide? Can I busy some few supplies on my own, carry and Climb Kilimanjaro? what are the typical costs Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro?

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  1. If you want to enjoy Mount Meru, make sure you have a guide, Porter, and a Chef, and all this can be arranged by a tour operator! It is good to leave all these arrangements with tour operators than getting into a lot of problems!
    Costs Trekking companies in both Arusha and Moshi organise treks on Mt Meru. Most charge from US$450 to US$800 for four days. That said, you can do things quite easily on your own for around US$400 for a four-day, three-night trek. You’ll also need to add in the costs of food (which you should get in Arusha, as there’s nowhere to stock up near the park), and of transport to and from the park.
    The following are the minimum per-person costs:

    • park entrance fee US$53.10
    • hut fees per day US$35.40
    • rescue fee per day US$23.60
    • guide fees per trip US$17.70 per day
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