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We are planning a two weeks vacation in August with my family. We are looking for easy day trips suitable for a nine years old. Where is it possible to find easy and safe hikes? Rwenzori? Mount Elgon? Virunga Volcanoes? We will probably not be able to travel to more than one mountain range.


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  1. I think by the time one opts to have nine year olds to be part of hike then maybe the kids are capable, and maybe they’d have done it before? Mt Elgon could be a good option. It would be a good introduction to exotic travel including backpacking and mountaineering.
    There’s a village to pass through along the way, and the people are eager to meet you in a friendly way. The mountain also has some nice forest cover with blue monkeys, some great waterfalls,some challenging but not too dangerous sections to climb. There are also some nice hot springs in the crater of the volcano.
    I’d just say that you all be safe while at it…and carry the right gear.
    Happy travels!

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