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Hi, guys!

A friend of mine (actually my best friend, Jonas) currently lives in Norway. He’s there for about 10 years already. But as he say he got deadly bored with living there. And now he is considering different variants where to move from Norway to Africa. What do you think what is the best option for a 37 yo man with young kids and his wife?

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  1. Hi!
    Has he considered moving to say Tanznia – or other countries in East Africa, the best being Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda? Though the fact that Norway can be boring sounds strange to me )
    My best friend moved to Tanzania 4 years ago with his family. He’s also 37 btw ) I regularly chitchat with him and can say that he’s extremely satisfied with his staying there. So is his wife )
    If you want I can give you his email to get in touch. Guess he would be glad to share his emotions and knowledge with you )

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