Nairobi shuttle from KIA (JRO)


Given that Kenya Airways aren’t yet flying to/from DAR, it seems the easiest way to get from DAR to NBO is to fly on PW/TC to Arusha/Kilimanjaro and then catch a shuttle to Nairobi crossing Namanga border.

Anyone know if there are any shuttles that can pick up passengers at JRO upon arrival with the morning TC flight from DAR and which then travel all the way to Nairobi (possibly stopping briefly in Arusha town to pick up some passengers)?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Does Kenya letting people enter from Tanzania? if  the answer is yes (I dont think so as of today);  There are no shuttles from Kilimanjaro airport all the way to Nairobi, there are taxes that can drop you to Arusha town where you can catch the shuttle to Nairobi.
    Here is the shuttle company link that runs a trip to Nairobi every day and Nairobi to Arusha. Take a tax upon arriving at Kilimanjaro airport as it takes only one hour drive to Arusha where you can connect with the shuttle to Nairobi.

  2. Kenya is allowing travelers in as long as you have a valid covid-19 negative test(PCR) taken atleast 96 hours before time of travel. As for the shuttles they are operating within the border points, they are picking from the airport and hotels in Nairobi and picking at the border of either Namanga|Tarakea. You can try and contact Matea shuttles


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